Pale War Horse
This is my alternate reality version of the Apache Wars inspired by illustrations by Herschel-Hoffmeyer.
This is also my first real foray into 1/35 scale modeling I am humbly presenting to you.
My hat is off to all you guys and gals that work in this scale regularly. What I thought would be a three month project turned into a seven month project.
I also think I might be blind now.
Kits used in this diorama is Scotty the T-Rex by Yuppie Chen , a few of Master Box Indian Wars and Old West kits,
Pegasus cactus, AK grass clumps, and a few other bits and pieces I found on ebay
Enjoy the process.

pwh1 (1016K) Figures and Details
wbpwh1 (94K) wbpwh2 (104K)
wbpwh3 (162K) wbpwh4 (97K)
wbpwh5 (154K)wbpwh6 (125K)
wbpwh7 (125K)wbpwh8 (133K)
wbpwh9 (142K)wbpwh10 (142K)
wbpwh11 (152K)wbpwh12 (158K)
wbpwh13 (172K)wbpwh14 (162K)
wbpwh15 (115K)
The Base

wbpwhb1 (142K)wbpwhb2 (132K)
wbpwhb3 (131K)wbpwhb4 (130K)
wbpwhb5 (141K)wbpwhb6 (138K)
wbpwhb7 (132K)wbpwhb8 (182K)
wbpwhb9 (142K)wbpwhb10 (165K)
Click here to see more pictures of the completed piece