War of the Kaiju

Kits Used for this project:

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Gow Row Godzilla vs Baragon
Daimos Gaira (Green Gargantua)
Daimos Sanda (Brown Gargantua)
Tomytec N scale Parking Ramp
Kato N scale Broadcast Building
Greenmax N scale Light Poles, Traffic lights, Power Cable Poles, Street Signs
Preiser N scale figures
Other Materials:
Vinyl Composition Tile used for roadways, broken parking ramp levels and building rubble.
Plastruct I-beams and various shaped lenghts for highway details.
Evergreen Plastics sheet styrene tiles for side walks, hollow square tubes for highway pillars
Woodland Scenics ballast, and various sized rocks for rubble, tree kits.
Wesco Quick Stand taxidemy base compound for piles of rubble.
Various sized wire from the Hardware store.
2" thick sheets of open cell Styrofoam for the base.
Foam-core sheet for underside of base.

The Idea for War of the Kaiju

I've this idea rolling around in my head for several years. Originally it was going to be Godzilla vs the Gargantuas, but I ran across thw Gow Row GMK Godzilla vs Baragon and thought Baragon would make a nice link for the story. When I make a scene like this I think of it as a movie. Since Baragon first did battle with the Gargantuas when they were just one being in Frankenstein vs Baragon, or Frankenstein Conquers the World, and Godzilla battles Baragon in GMK, this would tie the characters together nicely.

I specifically wanted the GMK Godzilla because the design is an excellent modernized throw-back to the sixties era Godzilla. The GMK Baragon is also nicely modernized. Finding Gargantua kits that would work for this project was a bit more challenging. I brought the Godzilla kit to Wonderfest to compare him to various Garganua kits and found that the Daimos kits of Sanda and Gaira would be perfect. The Sanda kit required minimal alterations, but the Gaira kit had to be completely cut up and reposed. That part was actually really fun. You have to go in to a project like that fearlessly.

I've done several urban destruction dioramas in the past so this time I wanted to pick some structures I've never used before. The parking ramp and the elevated highway I thought would add some unique dynamics to this scene. The end result is a very chaotic and I believe very realistic scene of complete cause and effect destruction as three monsters try to take down the king of all monsters.

This project took me nine months to complete and was exhausting at times but I very happy with the results and hope that Kaiju fans will enjoy it as well.